Sunday, 13 April 2014

80s asia

my interest in synth, new wave, post-punk music and love for 80s themed dance parties led me to find out a little bit more about 80s pop scene than other people. as I was going trough my 80s songs I discovered a tendency of songs referencing to Tokyo, Japan, China, Bangkok, etc. not one song, not two, not three, but a whole lot of them. and I was not the only one that was curious about that, I stumbled upon several forum threads that were discussing the oriental fad in 80s music.

there are many small and big factors that influenced the craze of East Asia culture in the Western pop industry: some songs where referencing to war conflicts e.g. Cambodian, Vietnam wars; in the U.S. asian population grew by 70% in the 80s; Japan was the leading exporter of computers, sound systems, photo cameras, other electronic devices - Japan was seen as a country of the future; the new romantics were always in search of ways to breathe new life into their wardrobe - the aesthetics of traditional asian looks were a great influence on them.

I got inspired by Radiolab's Colors episode to make not a simple song mix, but rather a song collage just to introduce you with the variety of songs which refer to East Asia. 

song list:
(0.20) David Bowie - China Girl
(0.50) Brian Ice - Tokyo
(1.09) The Vapours - Turning Japanese
(1.23) Japan - Visions of China
(1.45) Lee Marrow - Shanghai
(2.02) Fancy - Chinese Eyes
(2.21) Vivabeat - Man from China
(2.34) Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl
(2.43) Men Without Hats - Living in China 
(3.00) The Synthetics - Japanese Toys
(3.10) Devo - Mongoloid
(4.25) Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden 
(4.41) The Creatures - Japan
(4.57) A Flock of Seagulls - Tokyo
(5.13) Go West - Chinese Whispers
(5.29) Kim Wilde - Cambodia
(5.45) The Adicts - Chinese Takeaway
(5.54) Rational Youth - Holiday in Bangkok
(6.10) Vicious Pink Phenomena - My Private Tokyo
(6.28) Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok
(6.50) Japan - Life in Tokyo
(7.09) The Dead Milkmen - Beach Party Vietnam 
(7.23) Heaven 17 - Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
(7.39) The Flirts - Oriental Boy
(7.58) Pel Mel - No Word from China
(8.10) Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia 
(8.20) Aneka - Japanese Boy
(8.43) Fun Fun - Living in Japan
(8.58) Level 42 - The Chinese Way
(9.14) Red Rockets - China

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

colouring pictures

I made a colouring book for my nephew and niece.


help Petras escape the city

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

the last fm rainbow

many shades of: the kitchen project

me as black version of Lio.

this dressing up project started quite coincidentally. one day, I was very successfully procrastinating, when I had an idea to try to dress up as Nick Cave. I had the clothes for that, my hair was pretty much the same and, well, everything went better then I expected! as I posted some photos in facebook, I got really good feedback of it.

and I was encouraged to do more.

Pris from Blade Runner

a supporting actress-dancer from Cabaret

this isn't a cosplay thing, it's so far behind that. the main aim of this project is building a movie character or a music artist image using only clothes that I can find in my wardrobe. I never buy or borrow something on purpose. It's the clothes that dictates the character, not the other way around.

Withnail from "Withnail & I"

Irma from "Irma la Douce"


I thought of keeping the kitchen as a background because it suits perfectly with the everyday-life feel of this project.

Hunter S. Thompson

and Nick Cave

and this will roll much further.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Love songs

classical sentimental stuff mixxxx

Nikola Tesla

my friend challenged me to make a comics that involved inventors and their inventions, so I chose Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was a genius ahead of his time, but he gained this recognition just during our last decade. His contribution to electric engineering is astonishing. Tesla is claimed to be a “True father of the electric age”. And there are many inventions that prove his title: he constructed phosphorescent lighting (a precursor to fluorescent lamps), the Tesla coil, he even produced artificial lightning near his laboratory in Colorado Springs. In his later years, Nikola Tesla suffered from obsessive - compulsive disorder. One of his signs of illness was that he could not bear to touch hair. My comic strip shows how Tesla’s work could have affected his illness.