Tuesday, 1 April 2014

many shades of: the kitchen project

me as black version of Lio.

this dressing up project started quite coincidentally. one day, I was very successfully procrastinating, when I had an idea to try to dress up as Nick Cave. I had the clothes for that, my hair was pretty much the same and, well, everything went better then I expected! as I posted some photos in facebook, I got really good feedback of it.

and I was encouraged to do more.

Pris from Blade Runner

a supporting actress-dancer from Cabaret

this isn't a cosplay thing, it's so far behind that. the main aim of this project is building a movie character or a music artist image using only clothes that I can find in my wardrobe. I never buy or borrow something on purpose. It's the clothes that dictates the character, not the other way around.

Withnail from "Withnail & I"

Irma from "Irma la Douce"


I thought of keeping the kitchen as a background because it suits perfectly with the everyday-life feel of this project.

Hunter S. Thompson

and Nick Cave

and this will roll much further.

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